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Keeping Your Child Safe With Phone Sheriff.

Experts warn parents about the dangers that await their child on the internet and urge them to monitor their child’s use of the home computer and know what websites they are visiting.  Unfortunately, while you can monitor what websites your child visits on that computer there is simply no way to monitor those websites they visit from their mobile phone.  Or is there?  With Phone Sheriff you can.

What Is Phone Sheriff And How Does It Work?

PhoneSheriff is a parental control software program that allows you to keep track of  just about everything your child does with that smart phone.  Not only can you monitor what website they are viewing with their cell phone but, you can monitor who they are calling and texting, see what kind of photos they are uploading and downloading, and even keep track of where they are through a GPS.

Even more importantly, you can actually control what websites they visit or who they call by blocking phone numbers and filtering websites.  You can even create time restrictions for your child’s use of their mobile phonee with phone sheriff software.

Phone Sheriff May Just Help You Keep Your Child Out Of Serious Trouble

Let’s face it.  There are a lot of dangers out there that our children face every single day.  Even a good kid can get in with the wrong crowd or talk to someone online that could pose a real danger for them. By knowing where your child is and knowing who they are talking to both online or off you can protect your child from the dangers that lurk out there or from making a serious mistake that could ruin their lives forever.

Of course there will be those who will argue that you are invading your child’s privacy and you are. But, sometimes parents need to know what is going on with their child even if that means invading their privacy in order to keep them safe and protect them.  And besides, you can chose which features you want to use.  You may simply want the ability to block certain websites and phone numbers and create time restrictions in order to protect your child.  Or you and your child may decide that the GPS location tracker is a good thing if your child is going to be out late at night.

With all the crazies out there and all the stories of children and young adults simply disappearing when walking or driving from a friends house or leaving work, having the ability to track your child’s location or at least know where they last used their phone just may save their life.

You don’t have to be sneaky about using PhoneSheriff, you can and should tell your child right up front that you are using it and why. In many cases, children even teenagers and college students like to know that their parents are genuinely concerned for their well being and even if they are angry at first they often come to understand that this is for their protection.

No matter what anyone has to say about the matter, this is your child and it is your responsibility to protect them from the dangers out there as best you can and PhoneSheriff helps you to protect them just a little bit better.

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    This is the best spy software because of its simple interface, full account management and ability to set daily time limits. I highly recommend.

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