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A Cell Phone Tracker That An Employer Must Have

highster mobile 150x150 Highster MobileIt’s an appreciable practice if love your employees and trust them for whatever they do but the course of our lives could change like weather. It doesn’t seem safe – let’s not use the harsh words – to trust every person in the office because it is impossible to believe that you have angels working with you in the company. A cell phone tracker has become quite a useful application in the recent years because it is capable of doing what a private detective can’t. The word tracker might be a little equivocal so let us tell you that we are talking about a cell phone spy software.

Highster Mobile has developed that whiz kid software which will be the most amazing thing that employers might have tried in past to secure their company’s data. Yes, it is easily possible that someone working for your company is secretly giving important data to some third party. These things are very common in the sales department where leads given to another company to get higher rates and commissions. This is where the cell phone tracker software from HighsterMobile plays the vital role of a detective and lets you know of all the activities of your employee.

How Does The Spy Software Do What It Does?

Well, the software just makes use of the modern technology in the most intelligent and brilliant way possible to do a job which considered dangerous when a human performs it himself.

  • The cell phone spy software from Highster Mobile silently installs on the mobile phone you want to track or spy on. You can install the software through whatever method that sounds easiest to you. You could use Bluetooth, OTA or a computer to install the application on the target mobile phone.
  • You can record the calls, not just inbound but outbound as well. The best thing about this software is that it records them in the most commonly used formats so you don’t have to spend a lifetime in trying to figure out an application that could actually play some unknown format.
  • Text messages along with their timestamps are recorded and sent to your email with all the necessary information. Each and every word in the text message is available to you so even if your employee asks for a proof, your cell phone tracker has already created that for you.
  • Not only the pictures and videos that were already there on the phone when you started spying on it are sent to you but you get updated with all those that are taken afterwards. As soon as a picture or video is captured, you get it and on top of that, you could download and save it.
  • So if you have already recorded all the logs as proofs of illegal actions from your employee and want some red handed busting, you could use the live call monitoring feature. No other cell phone spy software provides you with such clean live listening.
  • GPS tracking in real time is a brilliant one. Your employee will never be able to lie about his location since you are monitoring it in real time. And what about recording the surroundings by turning on the microphone with just one command – remotely?

The price of Highster Mobile might sound a little high to you but if you want something that really works, this is your chance. You don’t want to end up with a scrap software which doesn’t work with half of the phones and creates files in such formats that even the geeks go in awe.

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